Our Top Killa Treks

Adventure awaits! Hike the ultra-famous Inca Trail or travel off the beaten path on treks like Rainbow Mountain and Ausangate.  Experience the majesty of Machu Picchu.

Rainbow Mountain Treks & Tours

Experience the incredible Rainbow Mountains on a multi-day remote wilderness trek or on a day hike!

Ausangate Treks & Hiking Tours

Experience mother nature at her most beautiful on this high altitude off-the-beaten-path trail.

Ancascocha Trek 5D/4N

A spectacular high altitude trek that is both challenging and remote. A true adventurers dream.

Inca Trail Treks & Hiking Tours

Trek the classic, ultra-famous Inca Trail and hike directly into Machu Picchu city just like the Incas!

Salkantay Trek 5D/4N

Glacial mountains, lush, tropical landscapes, turquoise lakes and Machu Picchu. This trek has it all!

Choquequirao Treks & Hiking Tours

Hike along low jungle, high jungle, cloud forest, and glacial peaks to see the amazing Choqeuquirao Ruins

Lares Treks & Hiking Tours

Two beautiful, cultural trekking routes that take you past lakes, glacial peaks, and local people

Lake Humantay Day Hike

Visit one of the most beautiful lakes in the region on this stunning day hike!

Huchuy Qosqo Trek 3D/2N

A short, beautiful trek through the Sacred Valley of the Incas, including Machu Picchu

Our Train Tours & Top Cusco Region Tours

Don’t have time to hike? Take a train tour to Machu Picchu or explore one of the many sites in the Cusco Region on a day tour!

Train Tours to Machu Picchu

Experience beautiful Machu Picchu by train on a 2 Day or 1 Day Tour! Customize it with other tours!

Sacred Valley Tour

Explore the Pisac ruins & market, Chincheros, and Ollantaytambo on a full day tour!

Maras, Moray & Salineras Tour

A stunning 1/2 day tour to a colonial town, circular Inca terraces and incredible salt mines!


Killa Expeditions supports several local communities in the Cusco Region. We hold multiple charity events every year, bringing much needed supplies (food, toiletries, medicine, school items, clothes, shoes, etc.), gifts, and volunteer time. Please contact us to find out how you can help!


Check out our epic Extended Ausangate & Rainbow Mountain Trek. 9 incredible days including 7 days of remote wilderness hiking, a tour of Maras, Moray & Salineras on Day 8 and Machu Picchu on Day 9.  With 100km/62 miles of trekking and summits up to 5400m/17,717ft, this is an adventurers dream!

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  • Mar 2-5: Lares Hot Springs & Machu Picchu Trek
  • Mar 23-24: Short 2 Day Inca Trail Trek
  • Mar 25-28: 4 Day Rainbow Trek
  • Mar 30: Maras, Moray, Salineras Tour
  • Mar 30-Apr 4: 6 Day Rainbow Trek & Machu Picchu Package
  • Mar 31: Rainbow Mountain Day Hike
  • Apr 1-5: 5 Day Ausangate Trek (can add Machu Picchu on!)
  • Apr (dates TBD): 6 Day Rainbow Trek & Machu Picchu Package
  • Apr 10-16: 7 Day Ausangate Trek & Machu Picchu Package
  • Apr 15-19: 5 Day Ancascocha Trek & Machu Picchu Package
  • Apr 17-18: 2 Day Rainbow Trek
  • Apr 17-25: 9 Day Extended Ausangate-Rainbow & Machu Picchu Package
  • Apr 17-23: 7 Day Backwards Ausangate Trek & Machu Picchu Package (tours first)
  • Apr 22-30: 9 Day Extended Ausangate-Rainbow Trek & Machu Picchu Package
  • Apr 23-27: 5 Day Ancascocha Trek Package
  • Apr 26: Cusco Four Ruins Tour
  • Apr 27: Sacred Valley Tour + Moray & Salineras – full day
  • Apr 28-May 1: 4 Day Lares Valley Trek
  • Apr 28: Lake Humantay Day Hike
  • Apr 29-30: 2 Day Rainbow Trek
  • Apr 29: Palcoyo 3 Rainbow Mountain Day Tour
  • May 1-2: 2 Day Machu Picchu Train & Sacred Valley Tour
  • May 2: Cusco Four Ruins Tour
  • May 3-6: 4 Day Rainbow Trek 
  • May 3-11: 9 Day Extended Ausangate-Rainbow Trek & Machu Picchu Package
  • May 4-5: 2 Day Machu Picchu Train & Maras, Moray, Salineras Tour
  • May 6-11: 6 Day Rainbow Trek & Machu Picchu Package
  • May 7-8: 2 Day Inca Trail
  • May 14-26: Epic 13 Day Peru Trekking Package Trip
  • May 15-23: 9 Day Extended Ausangate-Rainbow Trek & Machu Picchu Package
  • May 17: Rainbow Mountain Day Hike
  • May 19-23: 6 Day Salkantay & 2 Day Inca Trail Trek
  • May 22-23: 2 Day Inca Trail
  • Jun 5-18: 14 Day Huayhuash Photography Workshop
  • Jun 6-14: Backwards 9 Day Extended Ausangate-Rainbow & Machu Picchu Trek Package (tours first, trek after)
  • Jun 13: Cusco Four Ruins & San Pedro Market by car
  • Jun 14-15: 2 Day Inca Trail Trek
  • Jun 17: Modified Sacred Valley Tour
  • Jun 18: Tipon, Pikillaqta, Andahuaylillas Tour
  • Jun 18-19: 2 Day Inca Trail
  • Jun 21: Rainbow Mountain Day Hike
  • Jun 23-Jul 6: 14 Day Mountain Chicks Peru Trip!
  • Jun 25-30: 6 Day Rainbow Trek & Machu Picchu Package
  • Jun 25-Jul 3: 9 Day Extended Ausangate-Rainbow Trek & Machu Picchu Package
  • Aug 4-5: 2 Day Inca Trail
  • Aug 7-8: 2 Day Rainbow Trek
  • Aug 27-30: Classic 4 Day Inca Trail Trek
  • Sep 1-4: Classic 4 Day Inca Trail Trek
  • Oct 3-8: Salkantay & Classic Inca Trail Trek
  • Oct 19-24: 6 Day Rainbow Trek & Machu Picchu Package

Why Choose Killa Expeditions For Your Next Trek Or Tour?

Our Promise to You



We pride ourselves on providing 5 star service before, during, and after your trip. Killa Expeditions is dedicated to excellent customer service and adventure experiences.


When trekking through rugged mountain terrain with unpredictable weather, it is essential to have the best equipment available. We provide 4 season tents, mattress pads, dry bags, and more, to ensure a safe and pleasant journey.


Our treks and tours are truly 5 star and all inclusive. We do not charge extra to “upgrade” as we offer the best option included in the price already. There are no hidden costs or booking fees!



Our groups average about 8 guests per departure, and are typically a mix of solo travellers, friends travelling together, and couples, all of varying ages, backgrounds and nationalities. Come prepared to make lots of new best friends!



Only the best, quality ingredients are selected from local farmers. Our chefs prepare a specially designed menu to maximize energy and facilitate acclimatization.  And the dishes, a mix of traditional Peruvian cuisine and contemporary cuisines, are delicious too!




We can customize any trek or tour to suit your travel, fitness, budget, and time preferences. Got a corporate or work shindig, charity group, or other major event you'd like to book a trek or tour for? Get in touch, we can arrange everything for you!



We love our planet which is why we reduce, reuse and recycle. Our gear is reusable (no plastic cups/plates/utensils) and we buy local goods without plastic wrapping.



Our trips leave behind nothing but smiles and footprints, as it should be.



All of our employees are passionate about what they do. Who wouldn't be with majestic mountains and never-ending vistas as your office! We are proud to offer our guides and staff the highest wages.


At Killa Expeditions, we practice ethical, sustainable, responsible tourism. We pay a fair wage (one of the highest in Cusco) to all our staff - on time and in full. We source food locally and support locally owned and run businesses. We give back to several local communities and help spearhead social projects supporting the education and health of local people. You can read more about our commitment to these principles here: (coming soon)

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