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Killa Expeditions is a professionally-licensed tour operator and adventure travel company based in the historical Andean city of Cusco, Peru. Killa was founded by a Peruvian with over 16 years of guiding experience and a trekking/travel/adrenaline junky from the United States. We operate treks, guided hiking tours and adventure travel throughout Peru, with a strong commitment to sustainable, ethical, and responsible travel. Our team is made up of the most knowledgeable, passionate and experienced resident guides and staff, all of whom have degrees in guiding. Together they average 10+ years of guiding experience each and receive specialized yearly training. Our guides in Peru are hand selected by the owners of Killa Expeditions. All guides for our Peru treks and tours are native to Peru and speak fluent English (some staff speak other languages, contact us to enquire) to ensure excellent communication and a positive experience overall.


We offer guided, multi-day combination trips, trekking, cultural tours, and customized travel in the majestic mountains and river valleys of the Cusco area and beyond. Killa Expeditions specializes in creating itineraries for those wanting to take the less-travelled route. and offers trips that cater to a wide variety of travel styles and fitness levels. We also provide treks and tours around the globe through our five-star partners and affiliates.  Each of our affiliate companies has been hand selected by the owners of Killa Expeditions, all of whom are trekking, travel, and adrenaline junkies. Whether our clients are interested in hiking the ever popular Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, discovering the many other fascinating, and far less crowded, trails throughout the region, or simply experiencing the astounding natural beauty and history of Peru, we ensure quality service with maximum attention to personal safety, comfort, and enjoyment. During our trips, we make every effort to minimize the negative impacts and maximize the benefits to the local people and natural environments we visit. We are committed to international sustainable tourism guidelines and have developed community projects directly supporting local Andean communities.


The word Killa (pronounced Kee-yah) means moon in the native Andean language Quechua. In Inca mythology and religion, Mama Killa or “Mother Moon” was the third power and goddess of the moon. She was the goddess of marriage and considered a defender of women. She was also important for the Inca calendar and tracking the passage of time. Myths surrounding Mama Killa include that she cried tears of silver and that lunar eclipses were caused when she was being attacked. She was envisaged in the form of a beautiful woman and her temples were served by dedicated priestesses. 

Why Choose Killa Expeditions For Your Next Trek Or Tour?

Our Promise to You



We pride ourselves on providing 5 star service before, during, and after your trip. Killa Expeditions is dedicated to excellent customer service and adventure experiences.


When trekking through rugged mountain terrain with unpredictable weather, it is essential to have the best equipment available. We provide 4 season tents, mattress pads, dry bags, and more, to ensure a safe and pleasant journey.


Our treks and tours are truly 5 star and all inclusive. We do not charge extra to “upgrade” as we offer the best option included in the price already. There are no hidden costs or booking fees!



Our groups average about 8 guests per departure, and are typically a mix of solo travellers, friends travelling together, and couples, all of varying ages, backgrounds and nationalities. Come prepared to make lots of new best friends!


Only the best, quality ingredients are selected from local farmers. Our chefs prepare a specially designed menu to maximize energy and facilitate acclimatization.  And the dishes, a mix of traditional Peruvian cuisine and contemporary cuisines, are delicious too! And yes, we do cater to any dietary preference (vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, allergies, and more!)




We can customize any trek or tour to suit your travel, fitness, budget, and time preferences. Got a corporate or work shindig, charity group, or other major event you'd like to book a trek or tour for? Get in touch, we can arrange everything for you!



We love our planet which is why we reduce, reuse and recycle. Our gear is reusable (no plastic cups/plates/utensils) and we buy local goods without plastic wrapping.



Our trips leave behind nothing but smiles and footprints, as it should be.


At Killa Expeditions, we practice ethical, sustainable, responsible tourism. We pay a fair wage (one of the highest in Cusco) to all our staff - on time and in full. We source food locally and support locally owned and run businesses. We give back to several local communities and help spearhead social projects supporting the education and health of local people. You can read more about our commitment to these principles here: (coming soon)



All of our employees are passionate about what they do. Who wouldn't be with majestic mountains and never-ending vistas as your office! We are proud to offer our guides and staff the highest wages.


We buy locally produced food, hire native tour guides, and book locally owned hotels and restaurants whenever possible.

We hold numerous charity events throughout the year in various traditional Andean communities. Pictured to the left is a charity event organized for the Willoc Alto community. We brought food, drinks, daily essentials (such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, and more), toys for the children, school supplies, and distributed shoes and clothes donated by many of our wonderful guests. Want to get involved? Ask us how you can help!


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