We love to partner with creators, explorers, adventurers and everyone in between. All About Adventures––a creative agency with an adventure travel focus––will be joining Killa Expeditions in Peru in just a few weeks! We love creative storytelling and finding new ways to grow the love for Peru and ethical travel. Read more about All About Adventures below and check out their awesome content.

Photo by Brayden Hall

Photo taken by Brayden Hall

What are you most excited about for your trip to Peru?
Picking one single thing is WAY too hard so we have a list of the things we are most excited for! The team is most excited to trek through the towering peaks of the Peruvian Andes, to climb through the high altitude terrain that will lead us to the Rainbow Mountain, and to discover Machu Picchu the lost city of the Inca. Oh yeah, and we can’t forget to wash it all down with a couple pisco sours.

What’s your favorite piece of gear you’ll be bringing with you? Why?
Brayden: My favourite piece of gear that I am bringing would have to be my camera. My camera allows me to capture moments and freeze memories in time from all of my adventures. I want to remember this Peru trip forever with the help of my photographs!
Matt: Arcteryx Bora 2 Boots. I absolutely HATE wet feet, these boots are the most waterproof ones I could find!
Errin: I can’t go anywhere without my favourite toque (definition: the correct word for beanie used by Canadians). My gold toque is something I wear literally all the time, I will stretch wearing it until it’s too hot and my head is sweating. It’s also a staple in photos of myself.

Berg Lake by Matt Massa

Berg Lake, taken by Matt Massa

Why travel with Killa Expeditions?
We are traveling with Killa Expeditions because they run tours in all of the epic places that we had on our itinerary. We were browsing online to find the perfect tour operator and Killa Expeditions was the only one that had photographic evidence that they are able to take us to all of the amazing locations that we want to see.

What got you into adventure travel?
Each of us had embarked on our own backpacking trips that fueled our love for adventure travel. Brayden traveled throughout South and Central America. Matt traveled through Australia, SE Asia, and Europe. Errin traveled in Central America, Colombia, and Ecuador. These trips gave us an uncontrollable desire to explore whether it was hiking in our backyard of British Columbia or summitting volcanoes in Indonesia.

Errin Casano camping

Photo by Errin Casano

How did All About Adventures get started?
Our backstory begins with one epic road trip to Olympic National Park in Washington State. Some of us knew one another for years and one of us didn’t know anyone, but nonetheless, we embarked on a trip that began something great. After a few days together on the road, we all were able to see the beauty in adventuring with like-minded individuals. After our adventure, we wanted to further collaborate to enable others to get outside. And just like that, All About Adventures was born.

Why Travel to Peru?
The team has been doing a lot of tropical traveling for the last few months and wanted to get back to our roots and what we love the most… MOUNTAINS! We are chasing big mountains, blue glacier lakes, and areas that are rich in culture. Peru has everything that we love in one country and we can’t wait to explore there.

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