Rainbow Mountain Trek

When people think of Peru, they often think first of Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail and those incredible ancient ruins. While we love the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, we also know they are heavily trafficked tourist hotspots. Even with limited permits available, a trek along the Inca Trail is––at the end of the day––a pilgrimage with hundreds of other people.

However, as an expedition company born and bred in Cusco, Peru, we know there is much more to this amazing country than the stock standard.

Which is why we are incredibly excited to announce the expansion of our Rainbow Mountain Treks! On days three and four of this incredible trip, our guests will now experience unique sunrise and sunset views of Vinicunca (aka Rainbow Mountain) and hiking further into the Rainbow Valley, something that no other trekking and adventure travel company can offer.

Supporting Local Communities

Because we are dedicated to supporting several local Andean mountain communities and the highest standard of environmental responsibility, we have been granted campsite access an hour from Rainbow Mountain along a beautiful glacial lake. With such close accessibility, we are able to provide an experience with these mountains in an entirely new way.

We specialize in remote-wilderness trekking and want to help people avoid the crowds and see Peru in a way other expedition companies aren’t able to. Because we support the family and community that owns the land for this campsite, we are able to provide a more solitary Rainbow Mountain experience for our customers.

Rainbow Mountain Trek - Guide

Avoiding the Crowds

The Rainbow Mountain Trek is a truly off the beaten path adventure and we recommend it to anyone looking to explore Peru and avoid the crowds. The trek takes four days and traverses through stunning snow-capped mountains, glacial lakes, hot springs and of course, the colorful striated sediment layers that compose the Rainbow Mountains. The 6-day trek (our favorite) also includes two days of tours through Maras Village, the Moray Ruins, Salineras (salt mines) and culminates on day six with a sunrise tour of Machu Picchu.


Rainbow Mountain Trek - MorayRainbow Mountain Trek - SalinerasRainbow Mountain Trek - Machu Picchu Morning

Professional Responsibility

We always make sure we have the proper land-use permissions and have a strict leave no trace policy. We are dedicated first and foremost to Peruvian communities, which allows us to offer the greatest experience for everyone.

Our Rainbow Mountain Treks include everything you’ll need, from professional guides to high-end camping equipment to delicious meals. We provide excellent hotels on nights four and five, camping in spacious four-season Mountain Hardwear tents, exceptional food and a level of service that is unmatched.

Rainbow Mountain - Guides and Chefs

Ready to Explore?

There is no permit needed for this trek, and with our variety of trip options, this trek can also be combined with the Ausangate Trail and be extended further into the Rainbow Mountains to create an itinerary of 8-10 days of trekking.

Ready to see the Rainbow Mountains for yourself? Book a trek now or contact us for more information.

We’ll see you on the trails!

Check out our treks & tours to Machu Picchu here! If you found this information helpful, please refer to posts about Winter Solstice and read about the best time to visit Machu Picchu. Killa Expeditions is passionate about providing exceptional & sustainable adventure eco-travel experiences, encouraging people to explore off the beaten path, and inspiring others to give back. To book an adventure of a lifetime, contact us today!

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