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OMG!!!! I don’t even know where to begin.  We just had the trip of a lifetime, and Killa was phenomenal!  From meeting Frank at the Museo del Cafe, to saying goodbye at the hotel days later, it was one success after another.  The service your team provided was first class!  Even chef Roberto – who baked me a birthday cake the first day out!  

Frank – what an amazing young man (to me anyone is young!).  He could not have been more pleasant, unflappable, knowledgeable, and caring to all of us.  We didn’t have one hitch, everything went so smoothly. I was very impressed by his deep love for his country and the Quechua customs, many which he taught us. It was interesting to note that when we arrived at Apu Colorado, we were the only ones doing a ceremony to honor Pacha Mamma.  Didn’t see that respect for mother earth from other guides/groups who were there. I felt privileged that he showed us these.  Be proud that he represents Killa, for he is one in a million.  

The chefs – I was hoping to lose a pound or two with all the hiking, but I know I didn’t from all the wonderful food that I shoveled into my mouth!  They do an amazing job with the makeshift kitchen at each campsite.  And, all of us in the group being foodies and loving to eat, the chefs were not bothered by me hanging over the tarp to see what they were doing and ask them about the preparation.  Could not have been nicer.  I appreciate that they had delicious vegetarian food for Laura and I – better than some restaurants!  And that birthday cake – with no advance notice it was one of the most yummy cakes I have had!  That night we had dessert first!!!

The porters and support staff – what delightful men to work with!  The hot tea they prepared every morning to the AWESOME hot water bottles they delivered to your tent every night – FABULOUS!!!!  What five star service on a trek.  I never expected it and it was most welcomed.  Friendly, hard-working and great to have on the journey.

Nayra did an excellent job for all of our hotel arrangements and baggage handling.  It was a treat not to have to worry about these details, rather just enjoy the trek and the city.  By the way, loved Cusco and I would go back in a heartbeat just to eat at every restaurant I could!!!  She is lovely, was always punctual and again another terrific representative of Killa.

Today in the Denver Post there is an article about the Rainbow Mountains and how they are becoming inundated with tourists.  I am so thankful that my daughter suggested this trek, that we saw the mountains in a more unconventional way, and that Frank was the one to guide our journey.  As you probably know from experience, a guide can make or break a trip, and hands-down Frank made everything memorable and fun.  Laura and Kimberly were terrific travel partners for Michael and I – we all got along very well and enjoyed each other’s company.  

The pride your employees have in their jobs, you can see that they like what they do and truly care for country and clients.  I felt honored to be a part of this group. Thank you again for all of your work in getting our arrangements coordinated.  Killa is so easy to work with, and I appreciate your promptness in returning emails to your thoroughness of preparation with the trip!  You have an amazing service and product to offer to those who want to explore the Andes.

Muchas muchas gracias…Saludos…Amy

Amy S

Denver, Colorado

I would highly recommend the Inca Trail with Jose. He was fantastically knowledgeable and made the four day trek one of the highlights of my six week trip around South America. A big thanks and a big hug to you! Thanks also to the porters who do such a fantastic job and to the chef who made the best pancakes I have ever tasted!

What an adventure! My boyfriend and I joined the Salkantay Trek and loved every minute of it! Some of the climbs were hard but Aldo (our guide) was so kind and encouraging and made us feel so accomplished when we got to the top of the passes! The entire trek staff was wonderful too. Truly a spectacular experience. Thank you!
Michelle & Robert

I just got back from my Rainbow Mountain Trek Package and am feeling a desire to come back to Peru again. What a beautiful country! I told my wife when our kids are a little older we should take them. Perhaps not for the trek but there is plenty to see that doesn’t require 17,000 feet!
I just wanted to say thank you for an incredible experience. I couldn’t have been more surprised and impressed by every phase of the process. You run a great organization and I will continue recommending you (already posted a review to TripAdvisor). Flor was awesome and recommended a great restaurant (Frank was impressed we had found it). Nayra was lovely and very helpful. All the transports were efficient and the vehicles very clean. The food on the trek was so good…Ricardo, Augustino, and the additional porters/support staff were wonderful. Surprising my mom with a cake on her birthday was so over the top!
Frank. Boy, oh boy. I just can’t say enough about how much he raised the experience for me. Being very close in age, both with kids (I have three), we had great conversations and had a similar sense of humor. I felt a real kinship with him and that was unexpected. His knowledge of Peruvian culture and history was fantastic and really added to every day we were together. And the Quechua culture he shared was especially unique. The ceremonies we did to pacha mama at the top of each pass were very special, spiritual, and emotional. It all added up to one of the most amazing trips of my life.
Thanks again for sharing Peru in such a special way. We felt honored to have been able to see it and I hope to get back someday.
Mike S

Denver, Colorado

Killa Expeditions customized a week long experience of a lifetime for our friend who was getting married in Cusco! Our group of 17 was a mixed bag – teenagers, young adults, middle aged and seniors. What an incredible trip! We had the pleasure of experiencing the magic of Inca ruins in the Sacred Valley, an inspiring tour of Machu Picchu, cultural tour of Cuzco, fascinating exploration of the ruins above Cusco, delicious fresh food, and the warmth of the Peruvian people. Our wonderful guide, Jose, did an excellent job of organizing and guiding the entire trip. His competency, knowledge, and consideration dispelled any apprehensiveness about venturing so far from our US home. Jose efficiently shepherded his flock from airport pickup to drop off, and from site to site, while accommodating individual needs. In addition to the major attractions we had traveled to see, Jose took us to local restaurants, night spots, and outdoor markets with their incredibly numerous stalls of fruit, vegetables, textiles, and rows and rows of spices and chocolate. For those who may be considering a visit to Cusco, I highly recommend Jose and Killa Expeditions.
Midwest gal

Minneapolis, USA

I just want to thank you guys for taking superb care of my son and myself on our Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu. The food, porter support, tents, and gear were all first class. In a class of their own were the three guides who gently coaxed this old guy along the route. Jose’s comprehensive and heartfelt interpretations of architectural sites and flora and fauna and historical information left us with a deep respect for Inca and Quechua culture. Thanks!
Roger and family

New York, USA

“Hello my friends.” That is what I heard every morning from Jose when doing the Lares Trek! Although these words were heard at ridiculously early hours of the morning, from outside a tent somewhere in the Peruvian Andes, they were the most fantastic way to start the day, instantly putting a smile on my face! This incredible guide ensured i was well, safe, happy and of course….awake during my trek, as well as 29 others (ours was a specialty private group)! Kind, very knowledgeable, interesting, patient, a little crazy at times and full of fun and enthusiasm!!! Thank you for contributing to a fantastic adventure!

Wow! What an amazing trip! We want to thank the guides, porters, chef, and horsemen for the incredible job they did on our Lares Trek. After the airline losing all of our luggage and struggling with the altitude in Cusco, we were ready to throw in the towel. Jose took care of everything, arranging for one of the guides to go with us to the airport to get our luggage and bring us back to the start of the trek and meet up with the group further down the trail. When we were tired he coaxed us along with promises of hot chocolate and cookies. When we had blisters, he bandaged our sore feet. When our rain ponchos failed, he fixed them and even gave my friend a pair of pants to wear when she was cold at night. Above and beyond the call of duty guys! You rock! The trek itself was absolutely breathtaking. The Peruvian Andes are without a doubt one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been.
Martine, Sarah, & Nic

San Francisco, USA

We want to let you know how wonderful our Inca Trail trip was! The trip was incredible due to the great leadership and knowledge of our guide Jose and second guide Aldo. Their knowledge, enthusiasm, and style was perfect. The porters were very helpful, flexible, and professional. I will be recommending Killa Expeditions wholeheartedly to our friends who plan to follow in our adventurous footsteps. Thank you for a job well done!
Pat, Sarah and Ian

Sydney, Australia

Thank you Killa Expeditions for the most amazing trek! We went on the Salkantay trek and it was stunning. Snowy mountains and lush jungle. Unreal! Jose and Efrain’s love of guiding and knowledge of local history/culture was inspiring and made the trek and Machu Picchu tour even more fascinating. We stayed toasty warm with the 4 season tents and loved the delicious food! May the llama be with you.
Jen S

San Francisco, USA

We hiked the Salkantay Trek with Killa Expeditions and wanted to let potential clients know how good it was! Our guides were Jose and Digber. They were amazing, so friendly and they and all the porters and trek staff really made our trip incredible. We were quite nervous embarking on the trail because we don’t do a lot of trekking but it was so worth it. Our group of 15 (private custom tour) loved every minute of the adventure. We’ll definitely be recommending your company to those who ask us about Cusco and the Salkantay Trek.
Julia and Family

Auckland, New Zealand

I would like to thank Jose and all those most fantastic porters for ensuring that our trip to Peru really was the trip of a lifetime. Their insight into the Inca way of life was so inspiring. Their sensitivity towards each person in our group was heart warming. The scenery completely amazing and the chance to experience the Inca traditional way of life is something I shall never forget. Thank you so very much for a fantastic trip!

I completed the Lares Valley Trek with a private charity group and had to get in touch to tell you what a brilliant time we all had! Your guides Jose, Carlos, and Orlando were inspiring and professional. I know the whole group had a great experience, one we hope to relive again in the not so distant future! Thank you for your time and dedication to our group. I enjoyed every minute of it!

Bristol, UK

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