How are you and your families getting on in your side of the world? It feels like 2020 is falling apart at the seams! If only there were a reset button! 

In Peru, our guides and staff are hunkering down while the country rides out the COVID-19 pandemic. Cusco has been lucky enough so far to be less affected from the pandemic compared to the bigger cities like Lima, and we are so glad to report that our local staff and their families are all safe and well. However, they have been adversely affected since tourism has come to a complete halt We don’t know how much longer it will be affecting the world, and while tourism is on hold, we thought we would find a way to bring Peru to you.

We are currently holding virtual tours of Cusco that you can take from  the comfort of your own home! Travel without the stress of packing and weather forecasts! And such a great educational opportunity for families who are currently homeschooling. We are hoping that it will give a little help and support for our local guides and their families to get them through this difficult period. 

Below are the following tours we have on offer:  

1. Plaza de Armas and Cathedral of Cusco 

The central Plaza of Cusco was the main centre of the capital of the Incas. In the time of the Inca Empire, it was lined by elaborate Inca temples. Your guide will start your virtual tour here and relay some history of the Plaza. After showing you around the Plaza, they will show you the Cathedral of Cusco, which was built by the Spaniards after they overpowered the Inca civilisation. There are still some ruins of the existing Inca temple that the Cathedral was built on top of.  

2. Plaza San Francisco and San Pedro Market

On this tour, you will be introduced to some of the native plants from the time of the Incas, which were used in cooking and for medicinal purposes, and which are still used to this day by Cusqueñians. Your guide will start your virtual tour in Plaza San Francisco where we can find some of these plants, such as muña, an indigenous medicinal plant from the Andes which is used to help treat altitude sickness and respiratory issues. From the plaza, we will walk to the colonial arch built by the Spaniards, which marked their entrance into Cusco City.  Then we will walk to San Pedro Market, where your guide will introduce you to some of the local produce. Did you know Peru has over 3,500 different species of potato?You will also see our different types of quinoa, meet our sacred medicinal cactus Huachuma (also known as San Pedro), and learn about Agua Florida, a flower essence commonly used by our shamans for cleansing and healing.  

3. Avenida del Sol and the Temple of the Sun

During the Inca Empire rule, Avenida del Sol was a big river running through the Inca capital of Cusco, which led to a waterfall. Now it is a central commercial street lined with banks, but if you know where to look, you can still find the evidence of the old Inca city. We will also visit the Great Mural of the History of Cusco. 

Following, we will visit Qorikancha, a temple dedicated to Inti, the Sun God. This was the most important temple of the Inca empire; it’s walls were once covered in sheets of gold and silver, according to records from the Spanish Conquistadores. Qoricancha plays a significant role in the annual Inti Raymi festival, which celebrates the Winter Solstice. The festival originated around 1412, and would be celebrated with colourful dances and parades, as well as animal sacrifices to thank Pachamama and ensure abundant harvest. 

4. 12-angled Stone and streets of San Blas

The significance of the 12-angled stone attests to the ingenuity of the Inca’s architectural skill and knowledge. This stone is perfectly cut with 12 angles to fit the surrounding stones and their walls still stand since the 11th century, despite multiple earthquakes and no use of binding agents between the stones. It gives great insight into the amazing architectural and engineering feats of the ancient Incas. Along the street you can see other different forms such as animals and faces in the stones. Your guide will then continue the tour down to San Blas Plaza, the bohemian district of Cusco. Here you will see art and  gold and silver handicrafts from local Cusqueñian artisans, and see the unique art style that developed in Cusco that incorporates the influence of Catholicism from colonisation. On the streets, the Inca walls are lined with puma heads, snakes, and faces.  

General Info

  • Each tour will be approximately 40 minutes long and done via live video call through Whatsapp or Messenger. They can be extended by request – let us know and we can quote you. 

  • Each tour can be joined by up to 3 people on separate devices. 

  • The price for each tour is 30 USD for a group of 1-3 people with up to 3 devices (tipping is optional but highly welcomed if you enjoyed your tour!)

  • The tours can be scheduled between 9:00AM to 4:00PM (GMT-5)

  • Please note that video quality may vary and is dependent upon signal and weather 

To book

Please email with the provide the following info: 

  • Which tour you would like to do:

  • Time and Date that you would like your tour to occur:

  • If you have a preference for a specific guide, please tell us their name:  

  • Your Whatsapp  number or Messenger:

  • 30 USD fee can be paid via Paypal to

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